Ever wondered why that picture of food taken from the top looks so pretty delicious? One of the reasons is it actually is yummy and amazing. Another is the fact that it is a flatlay! Flatlays are trending and are highly engaging content that you can find on Instagram. These are easy to shoot and fun to create! You just want to get started with it once after which there is probably no stopping you!


We have a few inspirational Instagram accounts for you who are acing the flatlay game! We have brought before you some of the best in this field-



A chartered accountant by profession, Falguni’s Instagram page will give you happy vibes all around. Her flatlays can make you fall in love with things you may not be fascinated with. Check out her page and scroll through for an amazing time.



A content creator and blogger by profession, Shubhangi’s page is my personal favorite. Her page is filled with pictures of food. It can entice you to eat immediately after a meal. The variance and technique used are amazing. This page is sure to inspire you to start your own Flatlay page!




An Architect by profession, Aira’s feed is vibrant and makes you feel good. This content creator has it all on her feed. Her feed has creativity all over the place. Check her page because you’ll end up following her for sure!




This page created by Sahil is one of it’s kind. It has out-of-the-box creative ideas and it gives a different perspective to things. It has a certain sense to it which is intriguing and at the same time attractive. 




Created by Hetansh Jain, this page is one of the best that we have. His page is like pictures from another world. The feed looks so lively and spirited, it is going to give you some major chills! 



Created by Sakshi Thakur, this page is filled with food flatlays! It has mouth-watering pictures which makes it so interesting and amazing! The angles and edits of the pictures are so clever and beautiful that it is bound to inspire you. 



This page curated by Seemanta Dutta has some phenomenal pictures. One of the highlights of this feed is the colour that he uses. His black scheme pictures are so classy and sophisticated. This is another one of the best in the lot!



So here are our 7 sassy content creators who are creating a revolution through their Flatlays! Go and check them out right now. Inspire yourself and do your thng