Instagram or should I say gramming is the most happening thing these days! Everybody who has some talent or skill to showcase has a page on Instagram! It is a platform for all kinds of ideas and notions. Whether your business is small or well established, Instagram provides an equal opportunity to all! But the question, have you explored and used the features of the app effectively?

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Whether it is a brand endorsement, community strengthening, or sales, Instagram has it all. It is a powerful platform especially after its recent move into the world of e-commerce. With exhibiting their inventory in ‘shops’ and ‘process transactions’ directly with the app, the brands and communities are thriving like never before. It is a home for shoppable inspiration! 

Businesses in recent times can no longer rely on in-person sale techniques. This makes Instagram a safe haven for these brands and businesses.

Let’s get started with the features available on the ‘gram to help your business! We have compiled 8 such features for you: 

1. Instagram Shopping:

If your business is associated with sales, then this feature is a must-have! In fact, Instagram itself lays out improved versions of this feature to support your business. You can tag ‘Shoppable Products’ in your stories and feed posts. Along with this, you also have an Instagram Shop discovery tab on your profile to display the products in stock! The ‘Shoppable Product’ tag in your stories and feeds makes it easier for people to shop featured items by looking at the tagged product. You can also use Instagram Stories Product Sticker. These are tappable stickers that help to make your stories’ content shoppable. 

2. Link in Bio:

Link in Bio is an underestimated feature of the app. If used properly, this feature could drive a lot of traffic to your business. It is pretty easy to explore and use. Plus, you can also connect your business account to the ‘Link in Bio’ feature. Celebrities, to promote their product or to spread awareness, often use this feature and insert articles, movie trailers, or their merchandise as links in their bio. 

3. Instagram Live:

Primarily, Instagram works because of the engagement that the content creators have with their audience and Instagram Live plays an exponential role here. The use of this feature has rapidly increased. The feature lets you understand the mindset of your audience, their likes, and dislikes which proves beneficial for the brands as they can orient their product to cater to the needs and wants of their target audience. By pressing more on this feature, brand communities are strengthened and people get to witness a humane and authentic side of them. 

4. Food Orders:

The Food Orders feature under stories was rolled out in response to COVID-19. It is the most interesting feature of all. Imagine ordering food from Instagram itself which is filled with accounts that display yummy dishes. Food Brands like Zomato and Swiggy etc have started using this feature. 

5. IGTV:

Instagram TV or IGTV is an amazing tool for increasing engagement with your audience. You can upload your interviews, tutorials, and other videos relevant to your product. The brands which have used this are already attaining successful results. Additionally, IGTV provides links in their video description making it easy to shop.

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6. Poll, Slider, Sticker, Question, Quiz:

Instagram Stories are a great way to collect feedback and connect with the audience. Even celebrities at times, use Questions and Polls for engagement. Polls are the most simple yet effective way of understanding the audience. Often content creators use the poll sticker to seek what type of content the audience wants to see. Slider stickers are a great tool to get a quick sentiment reaction. Quiz stickers are a cool way of narrating your brand story. And so is the countdown sticker. It helps you build hype around the launch of your next video!

7. Pinned Comments:

This feature of the app lets you pin your important comments permanently at the top of the comment box of a particular post. It is also found on Youtube. Often content creators pin comments to endorse their product or their next video or even at times a feedback form. Instagram lets you pin 3 comments. 

8. Instagram Story Highlights:

We have already covered how Instagram stories benefit you. Stories remain for 24 hrs. Instagram story highlights let you increase the lifespan of your stories. If you highlight your story, it will display on your profile until you delete it. Brands who are into sales can display their discounts or sale offers highlighted on their account profile!

These are some amazing features that this visual-first platform offers. Effective use of these features can do wonders for your page. So, go ahead, now is the best time to get started. Try these features to build your brand and do your thng