YouTube is a huge platform and has a zillion other videos on varied topics. Being accustomed to watching the regular, we often forget how the platform is able to provide us with content that is absolutely unconventional and out of the box.

Here’s a list of such unconventional YouTube content creators, mind you, their content could blow your mind: 

Modern Mowgli

Isn’t the channel name exciting? Are you an animal lover? Are you a fan of pets?  

If your answer to these questions was yes, then it’s the perfect channel for you to watch.
The channel Modern Mowgli includes various species of animals that can be kept as pets in various climates, geographical areas, etc.

Harmanpreet gives us details so clearly in his videos that anyone would be convinced to keep a pet after all pets are like family members.

Even if you don’t want to keep a pet, what’s the harm in gaining knowledge about them?

Garden Up

What is weed? It’s just another flower in the wrong place. And what is a garden? It’s your friend that you can visit anytime.

I bet if you don’t have a whole garden in the backyard of your house, you must have 1-2 flower pots at home. Taking care of your plants is like taking care of a human being.

They need patience, the right nutrients, water, and lots of love. This is what Ekta Chaudhary helps you do.

In the time of lockdown, gardening is the best remedy to stay focused and stress-free.

Abhi and Niyu

India – when you hear this word, feelings of unity, pride, freedom, etc all come together at the same time.

This channel provides information on all the latest happenings in India.

These YouTube content creators share their views on various topics and give us a number of reasons to fall in love with India each day.

If you have very little knowledge about what has been happening, then you should definitely watch their videos.

Vitamin Stree

Your daily dose of nutritious content. “That’s what stree said” is the pet phrase of her channel.

Effects of the pandemic on working women, women in fitness, introduction to periods, introduction to sex, etc are some of the topics on which awareness is necessary.

Everyone is facing difficulties in adjusting to this pandemic but her content gives you the motivation to work upon oneself.

The perfect channel to gain knowledge about the importance of good health, you ask why? Well, give it a watch!

Crazy XYZ

This channel is full of out of the box ideas.

An IITian with extremely crazy ideas started making exceptional videos that anyone would love to watch.

He started doing experiments during his time in college after which he thought that he should start a YouTube channel.

At that time, he didn’t know much about YouTube but still he started in 2015. Earlier the name of the channel was Bledxyz but after getting recognition and fame he changed it to Crazy XYZ.

He includes those types of experiments that someone like me, cannot even think of. And now his videos are trending on YouTube! If you haven’t watched his videos yet, go and watch them now!

These YouTube content creators are motivational enough to get up and start doing something that you always wanted to do.

Do what you love, do your thng!