#AsSoftAs goose down? Baby’s bottom? Kitten’s paw? Turns out we were wrong on all counts. It is #AsSoftAs a DaMensch! We’ll stop beating about the bush and get right to the DYT X DaMensch #AsSoftAs campaign.

The  DYT X DaMensch #AsSoftAs Campaign

DYT ran a campaign with DaMensch a while back. Haven’t heard of the brand? Well, you should. The men’s innerwear brand is breaking the status quo one dapper design at a time. And we collaborated with them on their newest creator campaign – As Soft As. 

What Was the Campaign About?

DaMensch uses AER-SOFT micro-modal fabric to create boxers and briefs. What’s the big deal about it? Typically, the garment niche uses only cotton. By curving away from the norm, DaMensch builds underwear that are super soft and comfortable.

Putting their money where their mouth is, the brand offers a 30-day money return policy if you’re not satisfied with the product. And, and, and. You don’t even have to return the briefs!

With the #AsSoftAs campaign, DaMensch wanted to spread the word about this premium feature and quality, while amplifying their reach.

Where Did DYT Fit in The Picture?

DaMensch needed creators on YouTube and Instagram. That’s where we stepped in. We opened the campaign to our creator community, and they went about doing their Thng!

The paid and barter campaign began with DaMensch sending a product to each chosen creator. The creators then had a choice to either post a short video on YouTube or a Story on Instagram. The content, of course, required product integration; but (ahem, ahem) posing while wearing it was not mandatory. 

Taking the campaign beyond usual promotion, DaMensch also sent a coupon code to each creator that their followers could use while shopping on the brand’s online store! Needless to say, the brand saw tons of sales. 

What Hurdles Did DYT Face?

Life throws a wrench in your plans every time possible. Are we right, or are we right? That’s what happened with the DaMensch campaign, which was initially meant for TikTok. 

Hurdle 1:

Even though our community has 400+ TikTokers, only 30 were interested enough to create content. 

Hurdle 2:

The powers-to-be decided to ban TikTok midway to the campaign. 

Hurdle 3:

Finding male, YouTube creators in the fashion, lifestyle, or grooming niche, which DaMensch wanted, was hard. What made it harder was searching creators who also had decent engagement, good aesthetics, and more than average views and reach.

Fortunately for us, DaMensch decided to shift the campaign to Instagram. Once that occurred, the hurdles were automatically removed, and the rest was smooth sailing. Due to which, we were able to wrap the entire campaign within the set timeline. 

What Stood Out with the Campaign?

There is a reason why we love, adore, and enjoy working with the creator community. Even when we’re facing seemingly insurmountable problems, creators and brands make it fun. 

Given that DaMensch wanted to work with TikTokers and couldn’t, they were, as our campaign manager pithily put it, “pretty chill”. More than that, they shared free coupon codes with all creators. 

Yes, even those who were solely on TikTok and couldn’t share their content due to the ban. Why so magnanimous? Because DaMensch’s goal went beyond short-term engagement. They wanted people to genuinely use their apparel and then recommend it to their circle. 

Our Learnings From #AsSoftAs Campaign

When a brand is particular about the terms to be used in the content or the product features to be promoted, take time to understand them. That’s what we learnt from the DaMensch #AsSoftAs campaign. 

It may take a few interactions with the brand to learn values and the aesthetics they want to bring forth, but it is entirely worth it. 

Because we took the effort to communicate regularly and truly grasp their vision over the course of two months, we were able to build a healthy and trusting relationship.  That’s why they’re interested in launching more campaigns with Do Your Thng every month. 

Another thing that struck us was the dearth of good, male creators on YouTube in the grooming and fashion niche. While we were searching for them, we had major flashbacks of our learnings from the MFine Campaign.

Creators, if you’re reading this, please think about expanding into this segment!

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