You meet some creators, and you’re amazed at how profound their knowledge and expertise is in a niche. 

And then there is Vishakha.

A former actor, a VJ, an entrepreneur, a voice-over artist, and, of course, a creator. Vishakha Sodha has worn many hats, and she dons them all with aplomb. 

For our second AMA, I sat down with one thought – as a creator with tons of different experiences under her belt, Vishakha would be a font of information.

That did turn out to be true. 

But I ended the session on an entirely different impression. The creator community in India has a lot of room to grow. 

We don’t realise it. But for a creator (read: Vishakha) who’s seen the community in two countries (India, and Canada) it is blindingly evident. 

How did Vishakha end up in Canada?

She got married, though the decision was not easy. Why? Because she had already created a name for herself in India as an influencer. Marriage meant shifting to the US (where her husband was then based) and starting her creator journey from scratch.

After a crazy roller coaster ride, she (and her husband) landed in Canada just before the lockdown. The most she’s explored is the Sugar beach, which in her words is as big as the outside area of a Starbucks. And the Niagara Falls. 

How does Vishakha explain doing so much in so little time?

She began experimenting niches trying to find that one thing which made her tick. But as life is wont to do, her plans took a U-turn.

Midway she realised that her interest lies in 5 of the things she was working on. She soldiered on thinking that with time she’ll narrow down to one. That didn’t happen. 

She’s been a corporate slave, freelancing marketing professional, TEDx Mumbai speaker, and so much more. Her newest venture is a podcast – The Real Hustle.

In her words:

Somewhere the thought struck that you don’t have to stick to one thing. I have the curiosity to dive into multiple things, and I won’t be happy with just one. 

Why are her newer Instagram posts tangibly edited?

Because she learnt photoshop in the bid to do something different with her blog and Instagram profile. 

She wanted to create posts beyond candid walking poses with the product. That’s where her astonishing editing skills come in!

In her words:

The Indian blogging culture revolves around posting how pretty you are and nothing beyond that. It doesn’t work like that.

Living in India, I didn’t know what was happening in the rest of the content creation world. When I came here, I realised I was producing crap, and that lit the fire to get out of it. 

So, does that mean Vishakha uses a professional photographer?

She did till the time she was in India. In Canada, it’s her trusty iPhone and laptop that do all the work.  

A lesson she emphasises on for creators – it doesn’t take much to start producing quality content. 

In her words:

Here all I have is my husband, who is entirely unaware of the blogger world. I need to prepare him in advance to click pictures.

Is Vishakha thinking of exploring different platforms?

She did make a TikTok account while she was here, but that was not her cup of tea, even one bit. 

She does have a YouTube channel, but she’s focusing on Instagram. Why? Because IGTV is going to be monetised soon. So, it makes sense to expand her efforts there. 

In her words:

It is better to put your energy in one plate rather than learn a new platform. 

What made Vishakha share the BTS of her posts?

Not a lot of creators are comfortable in sharing their so-called trade secrets. What made Vishakha share her editing behind the scenes? The difference in the blogger community in India and Canada.

India is still limited to creators posing with a skincare product and calling it a day. Vishakha candidly accepts that she’s guilty of doing the same. But Canada taught her there is so much beyond it. 

And that pushed her to share her editing tips. 

In her words:

You’ve got to show what a product does and do it in the most creative manner possible. And the BTS does precisely that – makes the posts unique.

How did COVID affect her?

It threw her way plenty of creative challenges. She’s always been comfortable shooting outdoors. That was not possible with the lockdown in place. 

And since she just moved in, her home didn’t have any furniture. It meant learning to generate content in a house that’s empty. 

Lighting is another issue she faced because the weather in Canada is gloomy with hardly any sun, causing major artistic blocks. But she takes it as a challenge!

What are Vishakha’s tips for creators?

  • Everyone is a blogger nowadays, but don’t be just another person with a phone that can click good pictures. Be more
  • If you want to be a creator, you’ve got to stand out. Create something that is beneficial to your audience. Why will people follow you if all you do is post posed pictures. Someday they’ll ultimately unfollow you.
  • You need to build a community and not limit yourself to X number of followers. 
  • If you’re not creative enough, find inspiration. There is Pinterest. Look through it and then recreate. You don’t have to be 100% original. It takes time to get there.

In her words:

Create something that makes people keep coming back. My engagement has been better, and my reach has increased since I started putting effort and energy on it. 

How is the social media scene in Canada exceedingly different?

When it comes to content, what creators in India make is very different from those in Canada.

There are few creators, but there is no politics. The community is friendlier and far more welcoming as compared to India. She is not disparaging of Indian creators, but she is blatant about the fact that there is room for improvement and be something more!

Cover picture credits: Vishakha’s Instagram Profile

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