Have you ever fallen for a song after watching it play in the background of your favourite TV series? Or seen an online snippet and wanted to listen to the whole song?

Remember Chris Brown’s ‘FOREVER’ played in Pam and Jim’s wedding from The Office? I want my friends and family to dance like that at my wedding. Have you ever had the same thoughts about a song?

Gaana has a library of over 45 million songs across several genres and languages. With this credit, they are venturing to create a platform that “has it all”- HotShots. It is aimed at creating short videos with the content creators. Gaana originals have songs, artists, and music that are not available on any other platform. Over the years, Gaana has become an exclusive place for content possibilities and now they are attempting to strengthen it!

Gaana is allowing content creators to create small videos on the app. It will also have HotShot challenges in which music, comedy, and dance talents can be showcased under one common theme.

It is like having Dance India Dance, Indian Idol, and Comedy Circus under one umbrella digitally! Now, the Content video feature has been on the app for quite a while. The UGC feature that has been added after the ban of TikTok in India, allows the user to create and share their own content.

The aim of bringing out HotShots is to establish Gaana as a go-to destination for all genres in digital entertainment. The app has collaborated with over 400 content creators and artists who will start creating premium content for the users. It includes names such as Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Avneet Kaun of TikTok fame, and many more!

Gaana has maintained its emphasis more on singers, especially regional artists. Prashan Agarwal, CEO of Gaana, on their social media strategy, states, “Our strategy is content and artist/influencer-led, where we have tapped into our network of 400+ artists, content creators and influencers across Facebook, Instagram and our internal platforms.”

To access the HotShots feature, Gaana has added a button on the centre of the lower panel of the screen. They are promoting the feature through banners and other ad placements in the app.

Strengthening Influencers

Other than that, Gaana is using two prominent hashtags to promote the feature and the app- #GaanaHotShots; #MadeInIndia. These are used by the official social media pages of the app and by the influencers and the artists establishing their association with the project in the public domain. Artists and content creators being promoted by Gaana include Anushka Sen, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Avneet Kaur, Riyaz Aly, Nagma Mirajkar, Awez Darbar, Khan Bhaini, Karan Aujla, Gurnazar, Ammy Virk, B Praak, Sukhe Muzical Doctorz, Gurlez Akhtar, Amrit Maan, Satbir Aujla, Darshan Raval, Sidhu Moosewala, Sharry Maan, Nikk, Parmish Verma, Karan Randhawa, Guri, Garry Sandhu, Jassie Gill, Jass Manak, Sunanda Sharma, Mankirt Aulakh and Gur Sindhu.

Each Artist in the line-up has been featured as an exclusive poster on Gaana’s social media pages. Others have shared their posters on their personal profiles spreading the word in their community.

Generating Content Creation

Gaana is spreading the word among aspiring creators that HotShots is a platform to showcase their talent by strengthening shoutouts through influencers and creators. Having a user-base of more than 150 million people is a big selling point. Finally, the collaborations and branded content are up for grabs for content creators exhibiting their creativity on the platform. The CEO, Prashan Agarwal explains, “Our huge user base and roster of lead advertising clients is the biggest incentive for creators to join our platform. We also have a rewards program for consumers — should we extend the same program to the creators is a decision that will happen in due time.”

So go, and check out this exciting new UGC feature on the app!

Cover picture credits: Gaana’s Instagram Handle