Well, you’ve probably heard of the ‘The Pareto Principle’ otherwise known as ‘The 80/20 Rule’ which states that 20% of our activities contribute to 80% of our results!  It suggests that if you want to save time while getting the best results, you should focus on tasks that drive productive outcomes. We use this principle to help you grow your Instagram page!

Here’s how you grow your Instagram page

Creators usually say that they don’t have enough time to spend on Instagram and that is why they use automation tools and engagement bots. While these may let you have a rapid growth of your page without spending a lot of time, it is not the best way to have genuine followers that will eventually turn into fans and engaged community!

And that’s the central idea: to have genuine followers who are interested in your content and will turn them into paying fans.

Through bots, you may get many followers but most of these people follow you only because you follow them. Even if you have a million followers but not even a single one of those followers is a actually interested, you will not get any engagement. No engagement means no brand campaigns.

On the other hand, if there are five hundred people following you and 2% of these are highly engaged, it translates into likes, comments and shares. And those numbers are enough for a brand to consider you for a collaboration. 

To Build Followers, Focus On What Matters!

So, how do you get an engaged audience? You follow the Pareto Principle! Focus on those 3thngs that matter on your Instagram page and leave the rest. This way, in a short amount of time, you will get the most productive results because 20% effort is equal to 80% result!

Therefore, spend little time on the app and focus on the 80% results. Eventually, you will have followers who would invest in your content. This needs 15 minutes of your entire day. For better results, invest more time if you want! 

How to be efficient in these 15 minutes?

  1. Spending time liking the post of other creators: Instagram counts this engagement and boosts your page.
  2. Find pages and posts that are relevant to your niche by exploring the ‘discover’ section: conduct a random exploration on the app. Search by hashtags, locations, or influencers. Use any relevant tool to look for pages or posts important for your business.
  3. Leave a comment on such posts: come up with kind comments and begin with chain-commenting. Commenting for 15 mins straight should represent some 30-60 comments in total.
    For a week that would be around 200-400 comments. When someone’s content has such a number of comments, the person will be intrigued to look at your profile and follow you!
  4. If you are unsure of what to write and use the 80/20 rule again. Comment on only those posts which have a strong engagement rate.
    Show the person that you’ve spent time on their content. They are likely to see your comment and so will their followers! This will lead to more engagement and will help your page grow!

The 80-20 method will help your Instagram page grow!

The followers you get through this method will be genuine and organic. The best there is. Remember, engaging time on the platform is very important and therefore consistency is a must! Make it a part of your daily routine. Yes, the 80-20 Rule is a long process but it is indeed a productive one.

So try it out and do your thng!