Variety is key to promoting a podcast on Instagram. That’s the inside tip we shared with you in our previous podcast blog. In this one, we tell you about 3 apps to promote your podcast on Instagram to really get creative.

Hint: add audio to your posts.

Thinking but Instagram doesn’t have an audio format for posts! Well, hold your horses. There are some kicka$$ apps out there that can take the audio from your podcast, and convert it into a stunning video clip. All you have to do is publish it on your socials.

But, Why Add Audio to Instagram Posts?

Podcasts are great. They entertain you while you do dull house chores. But when it comes to promoting them, there’s not much you can do because they lack the critical visual element. 

You could simply post a static image with the podcast logo on your social to get more audience but that works only to a limit. What happens when you reach it? You need to get creative.

Enter: audiograms 

Audiograms are the best tool in your arsenal to draw attention to your podcast.

What is an audiogram?

Technically, an audiogram is a graph that shows frequencies of sounds. It is also the name of a company that converts podcast snippets into a video clip, like the one below:

All you need to know about audiograms is this. It’s an app that takes part of your podcast and transforms it into a post you can publish on Instagram. It has:

  1. A visual art, in the audiogram we shared above it is an image of Elon Musk.
  2. A sound wave (pretty self-explanatory)
  3. An audio track, in the above audiogram it is Elon speaking about Instagram
  4. A transcription, the text you see placed over Elon’s face. 

What makes audiogram great for promoting podcasts on the ‘Gram? They are dynamic. They are engaging. And they share compelling audio from your podcast.

Because they require more involvement than a GIF but not as much as a whole video, audiograms are the best way to tempt new subscribers to your podcast. That begs the question – how do you create audiograms?

Create Audio Clips With These Apps to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

There are a handful of apps that can convert podcast audio into a video clip for you to share on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook). Here are three to get you started:

1. Audiogram: The Original

Audiogram gets a mention even though it’s available only on Apple because it is one of the best in the field, especially if you can afford the paid version. Besides, their blog is a font of information on how to promote your podcast.

What we love about Audiogram is the choice between captioned and traditional. The first one automatically adds the subtitles into the clip (which you can edit later). 

If your pockets are empty, no worries, Audiogram offers 2 video clips per month for free, but they do have a watermark. 

How to use Audiogram to create an audio clip?

  1. Create an account. 
  2. Upload part of your podcast.
  3. Trim the clip you want to promote.
  4. Click on create an audiogram and select the features you want.
  5. Use the visual editor to tweak the design.
  6. Finally, export and share on your socials!

2. Headliner: The Versatile

Headliner is available everywhere, but that’s not the reason we picked it. It made the cut because it does more than an app to promote your podcast on Instagram. 

It is a great editing tool for creators. Yes, you can convert a podcast snippet into a transcribed audio and video, but you can even add animations and export whole videos to YouTube. Talk about being multipurpose! FYI, the free version allows you 10 audiograms. 

How to use Headliner to create an audio clip?

  1. Upload the podcast on Headliner’s Audiogram Wizard.
  2. On the same screen, you get the option to add subtitles.
  3. Trim the audio to the part you want to share.
  4. Remember to select the right aspect ratio to match Instagram’s. 
  5. Edit and customize the clip to your heart’s content.
  6. Download and post on your socials.

3. Anchor: The Ubiquitous

Anchor is part of Spotify and is mainly to create, and host podcasts, which is why their blog is a must-read too if you want to get more subscribers.

Why have we included it on our list of apps to promote your podcast on Instagram? Because you can make the podcast and the graphics needed to promote it all in the same place. Plus, Anchor has some handy tools to generate audio-video clips (with subtitles) of your podcast episodes. 

And all of it is free! As if that was not enough, you can use it as a mobile app or on desktop.

How to use Anchor to create an audio clip?

  1. On your Anchor dashboard, go to your episodes. 
  2. Select the segment you want to share on socials.
  3. Click the video button, edit the subtitles, and then hit save.
  4. Choose the right size of the video, and you’re done.

Promoting your podcast on Instagram is the sure-shot way for new listeners to discover your show. And using audio clips takes it up a notch. Use these apps (or any other) to convert your episodes into engaging audio-video snippets. We leave you with one last tip.

People prefer to scroll down Instagram with sound off. So, remember to add subtitles or text. Even if the phone is on mute, the subtitles will hook in the viewer and make the audiogram memorable. 

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