It’s July. We are now halfway through the year which seems unbelievable. But after all, it’s 2020, and change has been fast and furious. With a global pandemic, social uprising, shaking things up. While you might be doing great, now’s the time to level-up your Instagram strategy and jump on some of the hottest Instagram trends in 2020!

Now let’s cut to the chase and speak about Instagram trends 2020 in detail.


  1. Rise of Instagram Reels– Missing TikTok? Instagram Reels is here to keep you entertained and to help you unleash your creativity via short videos.Reels are limited to 15 seconds only but if you wish to share longer videos you can record and Instagram will automatically crop them into separate 15 seconds videos. If you wish to post longer videos there’s IGTV.
  2. Instagram Lives– With staying home becoming important, everyone is suddenly flocking to Instagram Live.
    More than 800 million people now watch live video daily across Instagram and Facebook.These Instagram Lives include everything- from cocktail and comedy hours to virtual protests, yoga classes, and drawing tutorials. They help creators to interact better with their community by answering questions in real-time.It is too soon to say what future holds post lockdown but till then, let’s make the maximum use of it.
  3. Shop through Instagram– Did you notice a lot of changes in your app buttons? Those were to introduce a new “Shops” tab.This is the next step in making eCommerce a bigger focus on the app – and with eCommerce sales rising amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, and boutique sellers losing out on opportunities to generate income from their work – via markets, retail shows, it has become all the more important.No doubt, it started due to COVID-19 as people are unable to leave their houses, but several analysts think this might hold beyond the pandemic as it provides consumers the convenience of buying products from home.
  4. Instagram Guides– In response to COVID-19, Instagram has launched a new feature- Instagram guides, with an initial focus on wellness and mental health.They allow users to follow a curated flow of posts with commentary — which is great for step-by-step guides, tips, and recommendations. Instagram also assembled a racial justice resource guide.So, if you are a blogger, vlogger, or creator, it might be time to invest in these posts on Instagram and start micro-blogging your content!
  5. AR effects– Augmented reality is not new on Instagram. Everyone knows and has used these funny Snapchat-like cat face masks at least once, but the trend is not about it.Because now brands are marketing through them, they can create their own AR masks where an object can be not a face only, but their product as well. AR masks easily go viral, so even a no-name brand can get its audience, thanks to them. So, try creating your own masks!
  6. Instagram Challenges– Instagram has new challenges popping up all the time which fills our day with joy in lockdown!With everyone sitting at home, bored, doing nothing, many people are turning to Instagram for entertainment. Life in isolation can be boring and lonely, and an Instagram challenge a day is an easy way to bring a bit of positivity into the world.With #FlipTheSwitch to #VogueChallenge, 2020 has been filled with these amazing, fun-filled challenges. Whether you’re simply taking part in a challenge or launching your own, Instagram challenges are a great way to keep boredom at bay while entertaining your followers!
  7. Tweets & Memes– The interaction between Instagram and Twitter is a trend of 2020.Many meme accounts use tweet screenshots and crop them to post on Instagram. Typically, these are funny jokes or motivational quotes. Talking about memes, brands have been actively using them for a very long time to engage with their audience.


Remember, always keep in mind your target audience!


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