COVID-19 has pushed businesses to their limits and has seen some of the industry’s biggest names struggle to adapt to life as we now know it.


While this seismic shift has been disconcerting for some, others have risen to the occasion with finesse. The transition to digital channels has been underway for years and the arrival of coronavirus is now the catalyst, accelerating this process. 


With non-essential stores closed, and distribution limited across the world, fashion and beauty brands are finding newer ways to communicate with their audience and keep them busy during the lockdown. They have started fostering a sense of community, through engaging content, virtual social gatherings, and other creative initiatives that involve customers.


It is very important to be transparent with the customers in these times and what’s better than valuing them for their inputs and communicating with them to understand their perception of the product/solution offered by the brand.


Working on the same lines, last week, online fashion retailer Nykaa sent out emails to customers inviting them to take part in an online session to gather consumer insights. As Nykaa is launching new categories for men and kids on their platform, they conducted 2 open house events on Google Hangouts and asked the community about their online experiences and insights.


These sessions included questions about preferences, shopping experiences, need gaps, choosing for family members among a host of other topics. Each interview went on for around thirty minutes and efforts were made to dive deep into the customer’s habits, choices, and influences.


The more outside-the-box thinking we can do to prepare for a worst-case scenario, the better. Having a Plan B (and even a Plan C, D, E, and F) can help improve the business’s odds of surviving—and eventually thriving again—during tough financial times.


This is the time when understanding the gravity of the situation and turning it favorable for the business is all that matters to let it sail smoothly in these difficult times. It is important to stand united and help one another in whatever way we can. Stay safe and stay healthy. Please remember that some of the best initiatives are built-in trying times. Like all difficult situations, this too shall pass!


Cover Picture Courtesy: Nykaa Instagram Handle