Whenever ‘Working from Home’ comes to our mind, the first thought that goes through our head is “it’s so boring”. Well, it isn’t the case, especially when you are working with Do Your Thng.  Chances are you are already missing those weekend parties and outings with your friends. Well, at Do Your Thng, we make sure each of our weekends are that ‘happening’, even more. 

To keep things fun and going in DYT, our team has these weekly ‘casual’ and ‘fun’ zoom calls. It’s a ‘ritual’ for us to attend these fun Friday weekly meetings with our peers.  And trust us, these meetings are not to be missed out on. 

There’s something therapeutic about connecting with our peers after a stressful week and these meetings are one of those elements which keep us going through the next week. 


Engaging in these casual meetings definitely takes our mind off work. 

I’m sure there must be some colleagues in your office too who can lighten up anyone’s mood in an instant. Make the most of it! 

Here’s listing down the kinds of co-workers we all have: 


  1. The ‘Hilarious’ one who takes pride in cracking funny jokes, though sometimes lame, but definitely the life of that call.
  2. The “Competitive” one: This person is usually the ‘Monica Geller’ of your office.
  3. The two most talkative people, who are bickering amongst themselves over the whole call.
  4. The ‘Chilled Out’: That one colleague who doesn’t care what is going on. He will always do his own thing the whole time.
  5. The ‘Silent Observer’ who doesn’t speak, but listens to every word.
  6. That one peer whose internet connection is the worst and every time he/she speaks, his/her screen freezes, until eternity.
  7. The ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ of the group, who constantly tries to get a hold of everyone throughout the meeting.
  8. The ‘Relentless Worker’, who will continue to work even during the call, unless an earthquake strikes.
  9. The “shy” one, who is always on mute. This person has got that special kind of a laptop, the one that comes without the front camera. 


 Now that we are through with the labeling, let’s delve more into how ‘doing the thng’ is working out for all of us at DYT 



There’s a team picture above and below are some interesting topics/ games which we include in our weekly meetings. 


Now the one and only mandate set by the top brass for these meetings is that everyone should have a drink in their hand – alcoholic, non-alcoholic, up to you. And why not! It’s Friyayy, after all. 


  • Hilarious Anecdotes– What is the point of experiencing even the smallest moments in your life when you can’t share them. In our very first Friday meeting, our team shared some hilarious yet memorable experiences with each other. From incidents like shoplifting to singing at the top of their voices, the whole meeting was certainly filled with laughter. Although the whole meeting was spent in a never-ending contest between Simran and DJ, fighting over who is the funniest. 


  • The Astrology Trivia– This meeting was taken over by the two Astrological Gurus in our team, Avantika and Arushi. The traits/ pros and cons of every team member’s personality were discussed based on their Sun Sign. It was truly enlightening ;)The whole meeting eventually turned out to be a war between Geminis and Scorpios. 😉


  • Social Humour– We managed to convert this popular satirical party game into a fun virtual game. A ‘judge’ asked random questions to us about our peers and we had to answer them with our funniest & sarcastic self. This game turned out to be a playful contest over whose answer was the funniest. 


  • Guess Who– We went all out and about for this one. A presentation was prepared consisting of the cutest childhood pictures of all our teammates and we had to guess which picture was whose. Hearts melted while playing this as our team members were undoubtedly the cutest babies ever. Everyone actively participated, except Jeetu, who was busy roaming around his terrace the whole time (and on camera, haan). Remember, the ‘chilled out’ one. 


  • Charades- Who thought this age-old classic game could be played virtually? From enacting the character of ‘Poo’ in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum to dancing to the beats of Tiger Shroff’s tracks, we managed to pull off the game quite well. We definitely jumped off of our seats watching Shweta enacting  “Baba’s” character. 


  • Some ‘Intellectual’ Fun– Until before, we never thought the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ could ever come in handy! Quizzes on Netflix and ‘Guess the Brand Logo’ were played by our team. Ankit, the boss man, was man was hands down the winner of this one, considering his genius wit. 


  • Never Have I Ever/Who is Most Likely To– Even though we had ‘coffee shots’ in our hands, the joy we experienced while playing this was like never before. 


  • How Well Do You Know Your Colleagues- In this game, we had to describe one good and bad trait about each other’s personalities. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other outside the ‘working territories’


  • Pictionary– The idea struck us while watching Friends, the scene when Monica threw plates at the group for not guessing the word right. However, we managed to guess a few things right in spite of our pitiable drawing skills. 


Now that everyone is working from remote locations, it has become more important to recreate that ‘office atmosphere’ virtually. The whole idea of carrying out these activities was to get to know our colleagues better and stay connected with them even while working from home. The games are just an excuse to connect and laugh with each other. 


Apart from playing these games, which also is the highlight is discussing each of our most productive/ unexpected things in the week gone by.. It could be something as simple baking a cake or as new as cycling on empty roads.

 It is so amazing to know that our work team is always there for us. We assist each other in every situation possible. To us, family extends beyond those ‘blood relations’ and we are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our ‘work-family’. 


And yeah, whoever said “Sharing Brings You Closer”, was so right.