Learning is just one part of the journey, but it is equally important to prove your knowledge or skill set. That is why Snapchat has introduced Snap Focus, a new learning portal, with their module-based training for advertisers and brands- allowing them to master Snapchat and stay on top of advertising on the platform.


It is quite flexible as the visitors can choose to complete the entire certification or focus on courses that interest them the most, and those who do complete the process are certified free-of-charge.


When the visitors’ login, they are taken to the main dashboard, which lists the 6 main course 

areas and additional resources which are as follows:



  1. Intro to Snapchat- This answers the “whats and hows”- what is Snapchat, how people watch content, and how to publish on Snapchat.
  2. The Snapchat Generation-  The “why” of Snapchat, and tells about the demographics and interests of Snapchat users
  3. Advertising on Snapchat- This  module tells about how to get results, brand safety, and view analytics
  4. Getting Started on Ads Manager:- Will tell the difference between campaigns and ad sets and how to design and publish ads.
  5. Creative Best Practices – Details around collection ads, filters, and lenses
  6. Measure and Optimize Campaigns- An in-depth guide to insights about the success of your ads.


Why Snap Focus?

90% of Snapchat’s 360 million monthly active users (MAUs) includes 13 to 24-year-olds. So if part of your target market includes young people, then you should probably take the time to go through the course. Also, if your major target audience is young women then you should definitely consider it as the vast majority of Snapchat users (between 60% and 70%) are female.






Needless to say, the benefits here when considering Snapchat’s demographic, are GREAT.