Gone are the days when brands used to tap the ‘celebrities’ for their promotion. As social media has emerged and developed over the years, the power of promotion has also shifted from the Bollywood/Television celebrities to ‘ Social Media Influencers’

With over half of the world’s population using the internet and social media, the digital content creation industry still lies on the growth curve. Now is the perfect time to utilize these means at your disposal and build yourself digitally. 


Renowned brands like Whirlpool, Hersheys, Klairs and many more are exploring social media platforms for their promotion. Product promotions on Instagram, Youtube and Tik-Tok are not beneficial for the brands, but for the content creators as well. Be it barter or paid collaborations, brand promotions provide numerous opportunities to all sorts of creators to grow, both financially and intellectually. 


The Internet is filled with over a million blogs explaining how the creators can contact brands. Well, it’s time to rule out those blogs.


Let Do Your Thng do ‘it’s thing’, and connect you with your favourite brands and campaigns. Find all types of collaborations under one roof, suitable for every content creator, from Nano-Influencers to Macro-Influencers, Fashion Creators to Travel Creators.  





Follow these quick steps to connect with us for various collaborations-


  • Go to the ‘Collaborations’ section of the DYT app. 
  • Check out all the cards and click on the collaboration you are interested in. 
  • Go through the description thoroughly to know about the collaboration, the criteria and profile specifications. 
  • You can also check out the sample images on some of the cards, which will give you an idea about the deliverables. 
  • Interested in the campaign?

Hit on the ‘Ask For Collaboration’ tab and write to our team. 


Our team will respond and discuss your collaboration request within 24-48 hours. 


Ever thought social media collaborations and approaching brands could become this easy? Well, with Do Your Thng app, it definitely can. 

Download the DYT app now and get a chance to participate in many more collaborations at your convenience.