Stop everything you’re doing and go follow #lockdownwiththejohars. It has all the entertainment, positivity, and fun we all need in life right now!

What’s LockdownWithTheJohars?

Just the cutest content on earth that will send you into a mushy meltdown. In reality, they are short videos featuring Karan Johar’s twin munchkins – Yash and Roohi.

With the quarantine in place and all movie shoots halted for the foreseeable future, the filmmaker is spending some quality time at home. He, like every other celebrity, started giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to be isolated at home.

For the past week the father of two (and yes that’s the cap he wears now in our heads), has been posting a video or two each day that are just too aww-dorable to miss.

Each one showcases Roohi and Yash doing what kids do best – speaking without a filter. From bashing Karan’s fashion choices to proclaiming him as boring, the two children have been a revelation.

What makes his quarantine diaries stand out? 

Well, frankly it is the little ones. Just as the blues start to set in, the three-year olds show us the beauty of small moments in life with #Lockdownwiththejohars:

We keep our eyes peeled…

…for the videos because they are exactly the respite we need in the gloom surrounding us. In a day that is ordinarily spent scrolling through anxiety-inducing content centred around novel coronavirus and the rising number of cases, the videos are a balm to the soul.

Case in Point: The twins thinking the poster of Mick Jagger in Karan’s closet is actually Shah Rukh Khan ?.

Our appreciation to Karan Johar….

… and the kiddies for this peep inside their lives for two reasons. One, prior to the pandemic Karan has been particular about keeping the twins private, and we recognise that it won’t be possible again. 

Two, the videos are indeed the dose of hilarity we need to keep the stress of COVID-19 at bay! They make us laugh. They help us kill our quarantine woes. And they prove that you can make the most of life no matter the situation.

We leave you with this short video where Roohi #KeepsItReal and calls it like it is:


Cover image source: Karan Johar’s Instagram handle.