You can deny climate change. You can dismiss the prevalence of fake news. And you can even dispute the horrendous steps men in power are taking. 

What you can’t deny is the power influencers hold over the present generation of consumers. 

And it is rightly held. 

Genuine content creators give honest reviews and build an authentic relationship with their followers. So, why should they not hold our trust and attention? As a hat-tip to all that they do for us, here is some appreciation of their work.

4 Recent Examples Of The Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We know the word ‘best’ is subjective. A particular influencer marketing campaign may have been just meh for some, while the rest of the world went gaga over it. With this in mind, we steered clear of ‘artistry’ and picked those campaigns that had a fantastic reach and left a great impression. 

Taco Bell: #MakePotatoGreat Campaign


They need no introduction, but even still. Taco Bell is the world’s largest fast-food chain for Mexican food. There are 7000 Taco Bells in the US, but to India, it is a relatively new entrant with just 35 odd restaurants.


To make some noise and to introduce their new dish on the menu – Crispy Potaco – the brand launched the #MakePotatoGreat campaign on Twitter. The dish, which is a combination of Potato and Taco, was introduced through several short clips starring the comedian Tanmay Bhatt.



The campaign made 24,522,245 impressions on the micro-blogging platform. What was so great about #MakePotatoGreat? It made use of the humour Tanmay brings to the T that has with major creators chiming in. 

It is when brands remain faithful to the persona of the creator that magic happens, and this campaign proved it ?!

Mastercard: #TravelWithMastercard Campaign


Technically, Mastercard is a leading global payments & technology company. In reality, it is the little plastic doohickey we keep in our wallets to make our dreams come true.


Mastercard wanted to make the brand synonymous with travel (and it wished to generate more hype around the cashback offers it has with banks). To achieve this goal, it made ingenious use of both A-lister influencers and nano-influencers on Twitter and Instagram. From Sidharth Malhotra to Disha Patani, well-known names tagged a post with the #TravelWithMastercard and spoke of how their travel became easy.


What makes the campaign stand out for us is the engagement it achieved through creators with smaller following. We know from first-hand data that content posted by just 100 creators got over 1,43,400 likes on Instagram and a reached over 12.58 Lakh people. Yes, we couldn’t wrap our heads around the figures too!

Havells: #beardkyunhoweird Campaign


Most people equate Havells with home and kitchen appliances. That’s only part of what the brand does. It is the largest electrical equipment company in India with a  gigantic range of products; one of which is beard trimmers.



Havells initiated the #beardkyunhoweird campaign with Vicky Kaushal to launch their new line of the beard trimmers. To get the ball rolling, Havells roped in 60 creators with a follower range of 1k – 85k. Each influencer shared an image flaunting their grooming style and using the caption to talk about how a beard need not be synonymous with an untidy look, all thanks to the trimmer.


With just the 60 Instagram images generated by nano and micro-influencers, the campaign reached over 4.5 lakh social media users. With over 1,03,000 engagement and 5000 comments, the campaign is proof positive of how well creators can generate awareness and hype (when picked correctly).


Revolve: #RevolveAroundTheWorld Campaign


If you’re anything like us (live and breathe the ‘Gram), then your introduction to Revolve was on the photo-sharing site. Most people recognise the brand as a pioneer in influencer marketing. Few realise that it is a retail shop for multiple brands.


Most influencer campaigns are about posts that promote a product or a service. Revolve takes an entirely different approach, which, we feel is now being replicated by other brands too. The brand sponsors getaway trips for influencers. These trips range from Coachella to Mexico.



The creators upload posts of their trips. Since each creator wears only Revolve clothing, the pictures depict a very realistic image of the brand – a far cry from a staged photoshoot. Currently, #revolvearoundtheworld has over 120.2k posts on Instagram spanning not just mega influencers like Kendall Jenner but even mid-level creators. 

What we love about the campaign is that it is recurring. Revolve has used it a number of times, to its great success, leading to a following of 3.7M strong!

Many, Many More Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We’ve deliberately kept the number of campaigns to 4 because if we truly start digging, there is no end to it.

For instance, #MyTalesofWhisky  (yes, we know it is an old one) campaign featuring Nick Offerman (any Parks & Recreation lovers in the house?) is an exceptional example of how a single influencer can turn the tide.

And let’s not even get into Fenty Beauty and the kickass way it includes creators of all shades. What we’d like to know is which influencer campaign caught your eye!

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